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Please tell us a few things about your choreography. What inspired you to create this dance. Any information in regards to your costume and choice of music. Anything related to your collaborators or special thanks/ acknowledgements.

These will be part of your introduction on the day of the competition.

From time to time we film or take photographs of our events, classes and trips. In line with our safeguarding policy, we will seek your permission to do this. 


Photographic and film footage from these events may be used for the following:

  • On promotional materials.

  • On the Dani Grant School of Dance website.

  • Used for posts on our social media profiles or within our profile pages. 

  • Photographs may be used within our e-newsletters.  

We use the form below to seek your permission to take and use the footage of your child for the above purposes. Permission will be required from you for each separate event. 

If you do not wish to give permission, please still complete the form and indicate your preference. 

Please note that your choice can not be changed after the filming / photography has taken place. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. 



Please read our photograph consent policy which can be found here BEFORE completing the form below. 

I have read the Photograph Consent Policy. (Required)

Do you give your permission for Dani Grant School of Dance to film/photograph your child during the Ballerina Bun Off event and to use the footage for the purposes outlined in our photograph consent policy?

Since this is an event for sharing the chlidren's own work and we understand parents would like to document their child's creations, we as a school ask that this is restricted to their own child's performance.


In addition we would ask that if your are going to post photographs or video footage on your own social media profiles, please only focus on your own child's performance.


Also with respect to the choreographer please only share sections of the piece unless permitted by the choreographer.

We ask that these guidelines are followed throughout the event to ensure that we as a dance school respect the privacy wishes of all of our members. If on the day you are unsure about any of the above please do not hesitate to ask a member of our teaching staff.

I understand and agree to the above guidelines for photographing and videoing during the 2019 Choreographic Competition. (Required)

In which of our schools does your child attend their ballet lessons?

Date of agreement: